Thursday, March 27, 2014

quick note of esteem

while i may not be aware of the boys that youve been losing time with, take it from a man that has been around the world and lived more life than anyone i know, your gorgeous. Not just in that, 'Oh, my mother says my girlfriend is beautiful and will make pretty children' kind of way but in that I crave your skin with every cell in my body and want to explore the terrain of your sculpted flesh with tounge and fingertips until im sure that even if i were to go blind i could recite the vision that desire and delight had created in our body twisted sweat slicked union for an eternity of erotic detailed dreams and never miss sight but rather curse my eyes for wasting any of the viewable seconds of my life on seeing anything other that the perfection of your figure sprawled panting and satisfied across my naked bodies pure delight at the gift that your curve and caress are to my fantasies satisfaction and complete carnal rapture.....take that as your guide as to how you should try seeing yourself.


  1. A womans beauty need not be at the mercy of words but if it helps nudge in the direction of self-celebration, then im happy to oblige.

  2. The more I read the more I want to indulge in you